Spreading Kindness

By now we all know that care facilities are locked down meaning no visitors or volunteers may enter. It also means that residents are confined to their rooms 24/7, including for meals. Imagine living every day with limited personal interaction and not seeing your friends, family, or friend down the hall.

When we understand that many long-term care residents do not have their own radio or TV in their room, let alone a computer or cell phone, we realize the boredom and fear of the virus or being forgotten are real issues. Those with dementia or disabilities may think they are being “punished.”

That is why we are launching our “Spreading Kindness” initiative to provide cards, letters and activities to residents in local living facilities. Residents in these facilities are used to fairly active lives and are missing their families, friends, Sr. Center lunches, church services, etc.

Won’t you considering participating as a way to keep yourself engaged in community or your children creatively occupied? Don’t be put off by perfectionism or lack of materials. The simplest note on a piece of paper will brighten someone’s day. Children might draw pictures or include a paper craft. Do not go shopping, but instead use what you have at home.

What to do?

  • Send cards and notes with encouraging messages, such as “We’re thinking of you!’ and “I hope you have a great day!”
  • Tell them a little about yourself, if you wish. Are you a farmer getting ready to plant fields, do you have a hobby or a pet, or did you take a vacation to an interesting place last year? Give them something to think about.
  • Include an activity if you can. You might print out an activity page from online sources.
  • Include a stamp and envelope if you wish. You may get a return note or make it possible for the resident to write a letter to their loved ones.

**Please DO NOT send food or candy. Many residents have special dietary needs or are diabetic.**

Where to send?

Any out-of-home living facility you know of in your area.  Address your mail to:  Any Resident – Spreading Kindness

When to send?

Now! And as this situation continues.

We thank you!

Club Acheivement

SUNACRW participates in several of the NFRW Awards programs.

The most comprehensive is the 2-year Club Achievement Awards focusing on club and community involvement.  From campaign activities to educational programs, volunteering on camaigns to voter registration, we strive for the embodiment of Republican principles.

Some recent highlights:

3788 volunteer hours in the past 24 months

Resolutions on important legislative and public policy issues

Military support activities

First Amendment and gun safety training

Congratulations to all our ladies and associate members for a job well done!

New members may join at any time.  If you are interested in what we do, email sunacrw@gmail.com for info on our next meeting/event.

Loretta M. Sprenkle Essay Contest Winners to Receive Their Prizes

The public is invited to join SUNACRW and our guests as we hear the essay winners read their winning compositions on Thursday, May 4th. To be held at 6:30 pm in the Milton Borough Building, Filbert Street, Milton, the evening will be a celebration of excellence and fellowship.

SUN Seminar

SUN Republican Women is accepting registrations for its spring seminar designed to inform and empower Republicans to make a difference in their own communities, and at the state and federal levels.  Men, women, young or experienced – all are welcome to learn together and network.

The morning will include a series of short training sessions.  After lunch some of our area’s state legislators will discuss policy issues facing the citizens of Pennsylvania, including the budget and property tax relief.

Click on the graphic below for a full description and registration form.


Sprenkle Essay Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who submitted an essay in this year’s Loretta M. Sprenkle Essay Contest writing on the topic, “What is the most important freedom in the Bill of Rights and why?”  Each year the number of entries grow at both levels increasing the competitiveness of the annual contest.

SUNACRW is pleased to announce this year’s winners.

Jr. High (grades 7-9)

1st Place:  Mikayla Carnathan, 8th grader from Selinsgrove

2nd Place: DaniRae Renno, 7th grader from Mount Carmel

Sr. High (grades 10-12)

1st Place: Noah Stamm, 10th grader from New Columbia

2nd Place:  Brittany Carnathan, 11th grader from Selinsgrove

SUNACRW will host the winners and their families for a public reading of the essays at 6:30 p.m. on May 5, 2016 at the Weber-Rinck Medical Center Community Room, 412 West Market Street, Middleburg.  The public is invited to join us in recognizing excellence in these young people.

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