January 2 – Conference Call

The Making of a Candidate: Why is President Trump’s or anyone’s name on the ballot?

February 6 – Conference Call

Choosing to Vote: Why Voter Registration is Key to Winning Elections

March 3 – Conference Call

Save a Life: How to Talk About Abortion and Assisted Suicide So You Make a Difference

April 2 – Meeting

More Than My Vote: How to Influence the Primary Election

May 7 – Picnic

The Republican Platform is Who We Are:  Rewriting the Platform in 2020

June 4 – Ice Cream Social (Dairy Month)

America Feeds the World: Republican Women’s Agricultural Committee

July 2 – Union County Republican Committee’s Veteran’s Day Float

August 6 – West End Fair: Hosting the Union County GOP booth

September 3 – Conference Call

Leaders Make Readers: Losing Our Literacy – Practical Ways to Help Women and Girls Increase Their Reading Skills

October 1 – Meeting

All Gave Some: Supporting Our Troops

November 5 – Meeting

We Elected Our Candidates, Now What?

December 3 – Christmas Dinner at Country Cupboard

God Shed His Grace on Thee: Caring for America project



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