April Meeting

SUNACRW April 5th meeting will be a conference call reviewing candidates and campaign opportunities, as well as a follow-up on the ideas about committee activities considered since our March meeting.


Petition Reminder


Don’t forget to sign petitions for your favorite candidates, get your petitions notarized and returned to the campaigns this week.

March Meeting

Our March meeting will be held in Northumberland County.  Renee Sprenkel will present a program on emergency preparedness.

Note the date is March 8th, instead of the 1st.  On March 1st Rep. Keller is hosting a petition signing/notary party.

February Meeting

Our February meeting is a conference call format.  The topic is petitions.  Members, please remember to use the call-in information sent via email earlier this week.

National Religious Freedom Day

Tuesday is National Religious Freedom Day. The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation is holding a Facebook live event, Keep Faith in America, from 12-8 pm.   Or follow on their website: http://www.KeepFaithInAmerica.

Tune in to hear federal and state legislators, governors, celebrities, and faith leaders who are uniting to help ensure that prayer, God, faith, and the Bible continue to represent an important guiding influence in America’s future.

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