What We Do

**Caring For America Committee**

Republican Women work hard to make America better for everyone.  We participate and support many community activites and non-profits.

**Support our Troops Committee**

Republican Women encourages its members to show support for the Armed Forces by engaging in projects that aid our troops and their families.

 **Education and Literacy Committee**

Republican Women promotes education and literacy in our communities.   Through the NFRW literacy and Mamie Eisenhower programs Republican Women donate thousands of books to libraries, schools, hospitals and other public institutions each year.  SUNACRW supports reading and writing fundamentals in at-risk populations in the tri-county area.

 **Scrapbook Committee**

These are the historians of our council. Each year they scrapbook to the theme provided by PFRW and submit the book for competition at PFRW’s Annual Convention.

**Finance Committee**

Every council needs to raise funds to operate and aid qualified Republican candidates in their quest for elected office.

 **Legislative Committee**

Republican Women are informed citizens who have continued contact with elected officials.  The legislative committee is responsible for monitoring proposed legislation and recorded votes.

**Voter Registration Committee**

Republican Women know that voter registration is very important to building a strong and enduring Republican party.

 **By‐Laws Committee**

Republican Women are orderly.  The By‐Laws Committee assists with SUNACRW’s structure and adherence to prescribed policy.

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