Strike Force Georgia

Remember Rosie?  Rosie traversed the country in 2016 to help Republicans win the Presidency.  Now Rosie is back on the road headed to Georgia for the June 20 special election to fill the congressional seat previously held by Rep. Tom Price, who is President Trump’s choice to head Health and Human Services.
 GOTV is vital to the effort to elect Georgia’s first Republican woman to Congress.  Karen Handle is a fiscally conservative committed to election integrity with photo ID.  She needs your help in the runoff election.  Grassroots work is what Republican Women do best!
NFRW Strike Force Weekend is June 9-11.  If you can travel to Georgia, please contact
Can’t travel?  No problem!  You can help from home.  Sign up at to make phone calls or donate.

Immigration: The Border States Documentary

Tea Party Patriots have produced an hour long documentary detailing the immigration crisis in the United States, not only on the border, but in every corner of America.  This is an issue every American must face.  Viewing The Border States Documentary is a good place to start educating ourselves.

Common Core Conference Call Tonight

If your children haven’t already begun a new school year then it’s just around the corner.  While you’re preparing with their new clothing and supplies,  don’t neglect the information you need to help your children get a top-notch education without becoming a victim of social engineering.  In just 30 minutes you can get free information that matters.

Tonight’s topic:  How you can protect your child from Common Core?

Who:  Dr. Peg Luksik, Founded on Truth

When: Tuesday, August 11 from 8pm ET to 8:30pm ET

How: Call 641-715-3580 with code 249-850 to join!


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FDA Goes After Small Business Women

Home sewing businesses have been around since needles and cloth were invented.  These small operations  are usually run by women and allow stay-at-home moms and working women alike to generate extra income.  Most of us know of someone who does sewing or altering of clothing.  We are likely to praise the seamstress for making our slacks fit better or for designing the exact dress we had in mind.  But what if instead of sewing a wedding gown our neighborhood sewer stitches up cloth diapers or fabric menstrual pads? 

The FDA regulates personal care items as “medical devices” and demands a minimum $4000 yearly fee of these small time entrepreneurs.  The fee is not new, but has been virtually unknown or enforced on home seamstresses before December 2014.  For small operators this fee threatens to run them out of business by sucking away a large portion, if not all, of their profits.  Several sewers report the FDA told them medical device regulations including fees, not only apply to products made for sale, but also to items made for gifts, charity or personal use.

Small business creation and ingenuity are core republican concepts.  It’s time to tell the FDA we can trust ourselves to create, purchase and care for cloth diapers and menstrual pads without their involvement.  Admittedly this is not the most pressing item of public policy, but nevertheless it represents a government grown too big and addicted to taxes and control at any cost to the taxpayer.  Tell our federal legislators to reign in the power of the FDA.  

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