Club Acheivement

SUNACRW participates in several of the NFRW Awards programs.

The most comprehensive is the 2-year Club Achievement Awards focusing on club and community involvement.  From campaign activities to educational programs, volunteering on camaigns to voter registration, we strive for the embodiment of Republican principles.

Some recent highlights:

3788 volunteer hours in the past 24 months

Resolutions on important legislative and public policy issues

Military support activities

First Amendment and gun safety training

Congratulations to all our ladies and associate members for a job well done!

New members may join at any time.  If you are interested in what we do, email for info on our next meeting/event.

Coupons for Overseas Military

SUNACRW continues to support military family stationed abroad by helping them stretch their buying power by providing coupons to be used in on-base stores.   PXs accept current and expired coupons allowing us to send a wide variety of coupons.

SUNACRW has been participating in Coupons for Military for several years.  However, please note that we are changing distribution programs since our previous contact is no longer stationed in South Korea.

The new program has different rules.  Only food, baby, basic household and toiletries coupons are accepted.  No makeup or hair products.  The types of coupons do not need to be sorted, but ones with current dates need to be sorted from those which have expired up to 3 months ago.  Bring your unused coupons to our meetings or contact for arrangements to donate your clippings.

Armed Forces Day

MCAA booth

Weekend Outreach

Remember Our Military

Yesterday 150 members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team deployed to Poland in a show of strength aimed at easing tensions from Russian advancements into Ukraine.  Other units are deploying to former Soviet block countries Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to conduct ground exercises.  Please remember these troops and all others deployed in areas around the world.

Evangelical Hospital’s Children’s Health Fair

SUNACRW participated at Evangelical Hospital’s Children’s Health Fair at the Susquehanna Valley Mall on January 30. We provided emergency preparedness handouts for children and their families.


The children were able to make and color valentines to be delivered through the Valentines for Vets program.

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