SUNACRW Recognized for Its Participation with the Barbara Bush Literacy Program

2015 Literacy Certificate

In 2002, the NFRW Literacy Committee launched NFRW Literacy Month. Each September, local clubs have the opportunity to share their community literacy projects and ideas with other councils.  SUNACRW has been recognized for its continued activities to promote literacy within the tri-county area.  SUNACRW continues to add to a pre-school library for at-risk children within a local community organization providing services to women and their young children.  Over the years SUNACRW members have contributed dozens of books to this effort, acted as adult literacy tutors and promotes reading as a road to success.

We believe as Barbara Bush, ““The American Dream is about equal opportunity for everyone who works hard. If we don’t give everyone the ability to read and write, then we aren’t giving everyone an equal chance to succeed.”

Tax Calculator

Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal will hurt PA families and communities. Find out how much you’ll pay.

Quote of the Day

“Governor Wolf is offering bad medicine to the people of Pennsylvania with his Medicaid expansion proposal.  All Pennsylvanians deserve access to quality care and Medicaid expansion does not offer that.  Medicaid is not insurance and instead offers poor quality care to those who need care the most.  We hope Governor Wolf will work with the legislature, not around them, to propose healthcare solutions that will work for the people of our Commonwealth.”

AFP-PA State Director Beth Anne Mumford

(Emphasis ours.  Just because a patient has a card to present to a provider does NOT make her coverage insurance.  Her healthcare and that of her dependent children would be better understood if we acknowledged that basic fact.)

October 4th Mystery Dinner

A Night at the Ranch Mystery Dinner

Benefits the Loretta M. Sprenkle Memorial Essay Contest and Scholarship

5:30 p.m. ~ October 4, 2014

Hummel’s United Methodist Church, Middleburg

Limited Tickets Available ~ No Walk-ins Permitted

$10 adult / $5 age 12 and under

Reservations must be made to 570-374-0876 or return form below prior to September 20, 2014



City:______________________________________ State:___________Zip:____________

Phone #: (_____)______________Email:________________________________________

$Amount Enclosed:____________________

Make Checks Payable to SUNACRW

Mail check & form to: Irene Harris, 729 Valley Drive, Middleburg, PA 17842


Loretta M. Sprenkle was a founding member of SUN Area Council of Republican Women.  She passed away suddenly in early 2012 leaving a legacy of love of God, Family and Country.  Loretta was committed to educating youth on the importance of Americanism.

West End Fair

SUN Republican women will be staffing the Union County Republican Committee’s West End Fair booth tonight.  Stop by, say hi, and sign up for a chance to win our ice cream themed basket filled with dishes and a selection of toppings.

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