Care Packages for Our Troops

The SUN Council of Republican Women is collecting supplies for care packages for deployed service men and women.  The Republican Women are sponsoring two units from Pennsylvania.  Cash donations will be accepted as well as food products, such as ramen noodles, energy bars, beef jerky, Slim Jims, pretzels, peanuts, sunflower seeds, hard candy, gum, crackers, dried fruit, and other snack foods. Personal hygiene items, such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, tooth brushes, tooth paste, eye drops, nail clippers, razor blades are needed. Other supplies including sun screen, wipes, zip lock bags, non-lithium batteries, lip balm, pain relievers, moisturizing lotion, medicated foot powder, CDs, DVDs, books, coloring books, and colored pencils will also be accepted. 

Please no chocolate that will melt in the high heat and no liquids.  Anything that might leak, break or make a mess should be double bagged in ziplock bags.  Items should be brought to monthly meetings.  If you wish to donate through one of our members or need to schedule a pickup, email us at

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