Happy New Year 2019

May every day of this year bring happiness and cheer to you and yours.  Happy 2019!

Republican Women Firsts

Senator-elect Marsha Blackburn

Celebrating the successes of 2018, let’s take a moment to review our firsts as Women in the GOP.



Modern Day Slavery in the US


Modern Day Slavery! There’s no other name for it. A slavery driven by demand and neglect. When the value of human life is eradicated, as in our pro-death culture, good people must step up and protect those around them, as well as support the efforts of law enforcement and recovery programs.

Sex Trafficking Is a Pandemic in the US, and It’s Time to End Demand


Come one, come all!

Our December Caring for America project will provide personal care items to residents of Beacon Light in McClure, Snyder County through donations by our members and friends.  Please bring items to the Christmas Party or email us for other arrangements.

Barbara Bush Literacy Project


The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is committed to giving the precious gift of literacy to the millions of Americans who cannot read. The NFRW, working in concert with the Barbara Bush Foundation, asks local clubs to share their literacy projects each September during NFRW Literacy Month. This annual program was established by the NFRW Literacy Committee in 2002. (nfrw.org)

SUNACRW has participated every year since our formation.  Our projects have ranged from creating a reading corner for children whose parents are seeking social services to donations to special literacy projects.  In recent years, SUNACRW has donated the same title to one library in each of our service counties.

We are aware of the damage at several of our local school district libraries and encourage everyone to donate new books to restock those devastated by the rainy summer weather and mold.

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