January Meeting

Celebrating the strong, pro-life women elected to Congress. We’ll be praying for them and learning lessons from their courage and leadership at our January meeting tomorrow evening. Do you live in Snyder, Union or Northumberland county and have an Interested in joining an active group of pro-life, pro-liberty, faith-based ladies who are committed to impact our community, Commonwealth and nation for good? .

Happy New Year!

Talking About Life: Abortion and Assisted Suicide

Join us for our March meeting where the discussion is LIFE.

What are the facts?  How should we approach others? Learn how to influence the public and legislators to make pro-life decisions.





February Meeting: Why Voter Registration is Key to Wining Elections

Join us for our monthly meeting, this month by conference call, as we explore why voter registration efforts matter.  We will review changes to the PA Election law that allows early voting and extended voter registration.

Register to vote online.


January Meeting


How Do Candidates Get on the Ballot?

Join us for a review of the petition process and how to run for office.

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