January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month

In coordination with NFRW’s campaign to eliminate human trafficking in the US and abroad, SUNACRW continues to expand its efforts to combat this scourge in the Central Susquehanna Valley.  Human trafficking is the foundation of modern-day sex and work slavery, with underground selling and bargaining for those caught in its web.  Trafficking is a $32-billion industry, second only to the international illegal drug trade.

Unlike traditional slavery where the slave is clearly identified by his master’s ownership papers, today’s slavery exists everywhere but is shrouded in secrecy.  Victims are hidden in plain sight.  Trafficked individuals may work in your local Asian restaurant or nail salon, they may be the run away or abducted child sold in the commercial sex market or even the illegal immigrant who owes his or her life to the one who brought him to America.  Age, gender, socio-economic status or educational attainment do not protect someone from being enslaved.

The US 15 and I-80 corridors are main lines for transportation and exchange of humans which makes our area an important location to foster awareness.  The likelihood is high that we’ve each interacted with a trafficked individual at some point even if we are not engaged in illegal activity.  For that reason, SUNACRW’s efforts focus on two initiatives: awareness and post-slavery support.

Post-trafficking needs include safe housing, education and skills training, therapy, and a wide range of other services.  We support several activities that enable direct services to slavery victims.  For safety and privacy we cannot share our affiliates online, but in January we encourage everyone to learn how to identify victims and restore the hope of America as the land of Freedom to those who have lost it for another’s gain.


Focus on the Family’s Guide to Sex Trafficking, including How to Identify Sex Trafficking Victims

President Trump’s Proclamation of January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month

National Human Trafficking Hotline – Pennsylvania 






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