Ice Bucket Challenge: Alternatives to funding ALSA

By now most everyone has heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge raising funds for the ALS Association.  Americans are a generous lot and they have gravitated to this fun effort.  However in the midst of the excitement a cruel fact has been uncovered; one which crosses ethical lines and jerks us from entertainment back to reality.  ALSA uses embryonic stem cells in its research efforts. 

So what is one to do?  Compassionate people certainly want improvements in the lives of ALS patients and look to the possibility of a cure.  But we also want a moral solution.  We are unwilling to say one person may be sacrificed for the potential good of another.  We are unwilling to accept that the most vulnerable among us are only worthwhile as research material.  Fortunately there are research options that do not compromise our principles.

Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (MSCTC)

Mayo Clinic

 John Paul II Medical Research Institute

Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC

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