Only the Educated are Free

NFRW recently released its suggested book list for the Maime Eisenhower Library Project (MELP).  Councils of Republican Women across the nation participate in this annual project by donating books to their local libraries.  The books on the MELP list reflect NFRW’s dedication to education for all ages.  Topics include history, economics, conservatism, current events, culture, and the Constitution among others.

The 2014-2015 theme is taken from the Epictetus quote, “Only the educated are free.”   Epictetus was a slave who earned his freedom through education.   As a stoic, he believed much of life was beyond one’s control, but that individuals could better themselves through education, personal responsibility and self-determination.

SUNACRW participates each year in MELP donating identical book to libraries in Snyder, Union and Northumberland Counties.




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