March is Women’s History Month

Republican Women oft quote our motto, “When Women Work We Win” to give voice to our influence in the political arena.  We recognize the contributions of women in their families, communities, occupations and the world.  We recognize that women make differences in elections, policy debates and grassroots activism.  Female clout can impact future generations and political thought.  We want our efforts to matter.  During this Women’s History Month we are reminded that we work to retain foundational American principles for us, our children and grandchildren.

CATO Institute has published a series on the three women who launched the libertarian movement in the 20th century.  While the world was moving en masse toward socialism (including the United States under FDR), Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson, and Ayn Rand stood strong for personal and economic freedom and limited government.  Their life experiences took them beyond theory to writings that influenced conservatives such as William F. Buckley.  During this Women’s History month we should take a few minutes to investigate the women who came before us and laid some of the foundations upon which we stand.

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