NFRW Spring Board Meeting

The NFRW board meeting will be held in Arlington, Virginia from Thursday, March 27 through Saturday, March 29.  Speakers include Editor-At-Large Ben Shapiro, National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Rob Collins, National Republican Congressional Committee Deputy Executive Director Jessica Furst Johnson, and Sheriff BJ Barnes from Guilford County, North Carolina.

Linda Smith, NFRW’s Presidential Libraries Liaison, is organizing an excursion to Mount Vernon, President George Washington’s home, on Wednesday, March 26.  RSVP to Linda Smith at by March 15.
From 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm the same afternoon, an open house will be held at NFRW headquarters. Tea, coffee, cupcakes, and truffles will be served. RSVP to Gail Ledwig at
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