UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child is being implemented by nations who have signed on while in the U.S. the left continues to push the Senate toward its ratification.  If approved, the CRC would supersede existing parental rights protections and require conformation to the UN’s regulations no matter the departure from our current law, constitutional rights and Western values.

Last week Scotland passed a “social worker for every child” bill which assigns a case worker to the child at birth.  Is it hard to imagine the U.S. doing the same if it ratifies the CRC?  Beware government overreach at all levels.

“Social Worker for Every Child” Bill Passes

In Edinburgh yesterday, the Scottish Parliament passed the “Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill” by a vote of 103-0 with 15 abstentions. This legislation, which is specifically intended to fulfill Scotland’s perceived obligations under the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), includes a provision to assign a specific government worker to every child at birth. These “named persons” will be charged with safeguarding each child’s welfare and with representing the state to the family. Giving a state actor, in place of or alongside parents, responsibility for children is a drastic measure usually reserved for cases of child abuse or neglect – but Scotland has deemed it necessary to guarantee the “best interests” of every child as called for in the CRC.  Continue…

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