Capturing Little Girls’ Minds

The left is determined to capture the minds of little girls while they are in their most innocent and formative years.  They are exposed to graphic sex “education” at earlier and earlier ages, provided autonomous access to abortion and encouraged to shake off the traditional values of their parents and communities.  We recognize these threats when they come  from Planned Parenthood or the Democrat Party, but do we recognize the attack on our daughters and granddaughters when they come from groups we have come to trust?  Groups we still think are pro-family or “good for girls”?  Groups like the Girl Scouts.  Or the harmless, even positive sounding American Girl toys and books.

Over the years Girl Scouts have systematically moved toward the left.  The Girl Scouts have long and deep connections to Planned Parenthood.  Chapters across the country have distributed PP materials which include explicit pictures of sex acts.  Girl Scouts identifies specific women who girls are encouraged to emulate – women like Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius identified for her “courage”.  It even endorses women candidates such as Wendy Davis for Texas governor calling her an “incredible” woman.  Proceeds from Girl Scout cookie sales fund their ability to continue these activities and target our children.

American Girl books, activity kits and toys are some of the most endearing in the last generation.  We want our girls to learn American history and hands-on activities teach important concepts.  But now we find that American Girls have incorporated Common Core State Standards throughout its products.  Now your daughter’s favorite doll is a vehicle to indoctrinate her and dumb her down.  Oh, and did I mention the Girl Scouts have aligned their badges with Common Core?

Certainly other groups, books, and extra-curriculars present the same concerns.  The lesson is to be vigilant so our daughters and granddaughters can grow into healthy balanced young women prepared to lead in their families and communities.

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