Happy Valentine’s Day!

Over 2 ½ million Americans will marry this year and a disproportional number will become engaged today. Amid the yearly celebration of romance and love, complete with roses, candy and rings, remains serious issues to consider. What is marriage? How does it stabilize culture? How do couples stay committed to “death ‘til us part”? Does it matter to children if their parents are married? Can society as we know it, including our most basic constitutional rights and religious freedom, survive if marriage is redefined?

SUNACRW has single copies of the pamphlet, “What You Need to Know about Marriage” available upon request.

Interesting articles:

Income Mobility Tied to Marriage

An Olympic Lesson for Husbands and Wives

Why Marriage Matters: 26 Conclusions from the Social Sciences

Traditional Marriage is Essential for a Healthy Society

Marriage and Poverty

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