Area Resolutions Denied at PA GOP Winter Meeting

PA GOP met this past Friday and Saturday at the Hershey Lodge to conduct its Winter Meeting.  SUNACRW would like to thank several state committeemen from central Pennsylvania for their attempts to have the party formally recognize conservative Republican principles via the resolution process.  The issues presented in their resolutions address important priorities of SUN Area Council of Republican Women.

Northumberland County State GOP Committeeman Donald J. Ely submitted an anti-amnesty resolution.  It called upon the Republican Party to affirm its commitment to the rule of law, to protect the American worker from cheap immigrant labor, to beware of repeating past immigration mistakes, and to work for the defeat of S.744 (known as the McCain-Schumer or “Gang of 8” bill).  Unfortunately, Mr. Ely’s proposal was rejected by the Resolutions Committee on Friday afternoon.

Lycoming County State GOP Committeeman Dave Huffman’s resolution would have asked the Legislature to put procedures into place to provide a public accounting of certain WAMs (Walking Around Money) in the recently signed Transportation Bill (HB1060).  Mr. Huffman wanted PA GOP to support adding transparency by requiring an annual review of how transportation dollars were spent and if the provisions of the bill had been implemented to benefit all areas of  the Commonwealth.  He called for an immediate online accounting of WAMs that go exclusively to designated legislators.  Mr. Huffman’s attempt to bring this resolution to the entire Committee was rebuffed.

Centre County State GOP Committeeman Paul Kozlovsky offered a resolution opposing Common Core State Standards, including all variations now being implemented in Pennsylvania schools under other names: Pennsylvania Common Core Standards and Pennsylvania Core Standards.  Mr. Kozlovsky’s resolution called upon the PA GOP to push the State Legislature and Governor Corbett for passage of Republican led bills: HB 1551, HB1552, HB1553 and HB1555.  Further, it called for the discontinuation of funding for programs that are aligned with Common Core and would have required PA GOP to make this action known to the Governor, Legislature, Department of Education and the State Board of Education.  Mr. Kozlovsky’s resolution was disapproved by the Resolutions Committee.

SUNACRW extends sincere thanks for the efforts of these men to uphold core Republican principles.

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