Common Core Action Needed

The opposition to Common Core is alive and well.  And yes, it is well-informed.  That’s what makes it so frustrating when in conversation with our elected officials it’s obvious that they are the ones with incomplete information or sometimes simple unwillingness to learn the truth.

The battle continues on many fronts.  This week the New York Educators Association passed a resolution in opposition to Common Core.  Why does that matter so much?  Well, New York is further into the process than many states and they have found it nearly impossible for teachers to teach and students to learn.  Further the NY assessments actually show a decrease in educational achievement!  Why would we spend time and money to bring these same results to Pennsylvania?

Yet here in the Commonwealth, the Department of Education is attempting to pull a fast one.  It has mixed up the objectives a bit, rephrased a few items and renamed the program in an attempt to institute something that we oppose.  Now many elected officials are confused because they’ve been told this is a new program, not Common Core.

Action is needed to stop the movement being made by DOE and school districts.  Dr. Peg Luksik, who has been educating Pennsylvanians for over 30 years on the attempts to turn education into a one-size fits all process, is once again a guiding light in the battle to defeat Common Core.  Please see her recent post that lists the things that we must say and do.

This is  the ideal time to make an impact as candidates are looking for your vote.  Before you give it, make sure they are worthy of it.  The future of country and our children is at stake.




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