Life Envelope Day

Life Envelope Day, previously known as Red Envelope Day, started in 2009 when Pro-Life Americans flooded The White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court with over one million empty red envelopes. Each empty envelope memorialized one child’s life left empty by the abortion holocaust. The envelopes arrived the week of other remembrances of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision in what was one of the largest grassroots protest of any kind in U.S. history.

Life Envelope Day continues to be an important part of the activities surrounding January 22nd.  This year red envelopes with a pro-life message will once again make their way through the US postal service gathering notice at all levels until they reach their government officials.

red envelope

More than 3,000 precious lives are snuffed out by abortions every single day in the U.S. We can’t give up on this fight or sit on the sidelines or it will never change. Our policy-makers need to know where we stand on this issue and they need to know that we expect them to finally do something about it.

Join the members of SUNACRW in fighting abortion.  Send your own red envelopes or use the services found here.

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