Support Our Troops: Cut Coupons

SUNACRW is a strong supporter of the U.S. military.  In addition to the care packages we have provided to deployed men and women from the SUN area we have begun to work with Operation Expiration to assist military families stationed overseas.

Military families stationed around the world are faced with the economic reality that their dollars do not have the same buying power that they have stateside.  This can be quite a shock for a family that moved to be with the military spouse.  Imagine if you walked into the base PX only to find that your U.S dollar now has only 65₵ buying power.  You would be in shock and your budget would tighten quickly.  However, there is a way to help our troops and their dependents that is easy and inexpensive.

PXs on foreign bases allow manufacturer’s coupons to be used up to 6 months after their printed expiration date.  Together with Operation Expiration the women of the SUN area are providing unused coupons to military families around the world.  The process is simple.

  1. Cut all manufacturers coupons from your magazines and papers.  Do not include store coupons or internet coupons.  Make sure the bar code is intact.
  2. Include coupons that are current or up to one month past expiration date.  Discard all others.
  3. Sort coupons into food and non-food categories.
  4. Place into zip-type sandwich or quart storage bags and write the category on the outside.

SUNACRW sends coupons to Operation Expiration regularly.  If you would like to support our military families through this effort, please email us at and we will provide you with contact information for our coupon coordinator.

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