Senate Hopeful Sam Rohrer Meets with Servanos

Rep. Sam Rohrer listens to Pedro Servano explain the couple's situation

Dr. Pedro and Salvacion Servano of Selinsgrove met with U.S. Senatorial candidate, Sam Rohrer during a recent campaign visit to the Valley.  The Servanos shared their twenty year battle to attain U.S.citizenship with the former Pennsylvania House leader who is running to replace Senator Robert Casey, Jr.

The Servanos have lived in the United States for 29 years and have four American born children.  Dr. Servano is a family practice physician with Geisinger Clinic, Selinsgrove.  His wife, Salva, is a nurse in an area nursing home and operates a small specialty grocery in Sunbury.  Their children: Sapphine is a real estate agent in Philadelphia; Steven is in law school; Peter is studying physical therapy; and Phoebe, a senior at Selinsgrove High School, will attend Temple University in the fall.

The Servanos immigrated to the U.S. on green cards which allowed them to stay in the country permanently.  However, they dreamed of becoming U.S. citizens.  Their legal status changed when they began the naturalization process.  Immigration officials denied their applications and on Thanksgiving 2007 they were ordered to report to Allenwood Federal Prison Camp to await deportation.  A reprieve was granted, but the Servanos live each day not knowing when the next deportation order may be placed.

Sam Rohrer is a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from Berks County.  He is seeking the Republican nomination in the April 24th primary.  Rep. Rohrer is concerned about bureaucracy at the federal level and hopes to simplify the naturalization process for those who immigrated legally.

Rep. Rohrer listened intently as the Servanos explained that all immigration appeals have been exhausted and their only hope to remain in the U.S. permanently depends on the legislative process.  The Servanos need a U.S. Senator or Congressman to champion a private immigration bill granting them citizenship.  Otherwise each day could be the one they dread – the day they are told to leave their children, their home and community.

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