March Book of the Month

This month we read and study The Constitution of the United States.  Not actually a book, but the most important document in America today when, as a country, we’ve lost sight of our founders’ intentions for personal liberty and restrained government.  To regain our greatness, we must know how our government should function and then work to regain our rights as individuals and states.



March Meeting: Petition Party

Hampton Inn Conference Room

Lewisburg, PA

February Book of the Month: Up From Slavery


“I have begun everything with the idea that I could succeed, and I never had much patience with the multitudes of people who are always ready to explain why one cannot succeed.”


Up From Slavery

Booker T. Washington

In 1902 Booker T. Washington wrote his autobiography detailing his life from childhood as a slave during the Civil War, following his passion for education and determination as the way to better oneself and his life as a public speaker.  His story is motivational, inspiring and enduring making it the perfect read in Black History Month.

Audio version (free):




February Meeting


6:30 PM



PFRW Meets at Hershey

Our small council is very active with our projects and activities.  In addition, we have two members who hold positions on the state federation.

SUNACRW President Irene Harris, who serves on the PFRW Board as a regional director, was elected to the Nominating Committee on Friday.  She and her colleagues are responsible for nominating candidates to fill positions, especially those to be filled at the 2021 statewide convention.

SUNACRW Secretary Carolyn Conner, previously the PFRW Political Activities Chair is the new PFRW Bylaws Chair.  Her committee is doing a full review of the bylaws with a goal of increasing efficiency of processes and building the statewide membership.

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