October 4 Meeting

Topic: Mental Health

Speaker: Carol Sides

Location: Union County (email us for exact location)

Time: 6:30-8:00 pm


September is Civics Education Month

The NFRW Americanism program seeks to promote respect for the American Flag and foster allegiance to the United States and its customs and institutions.

Republican women’s clubs help carry out this mission in their local communities through educational and inspirational programs and projects. Examples of SUNACRW projects include:

  • Distributing copies of the US Constitution
  • Donating patriotic books to libraries and schools
  • Sponsoring patriotic essay contests

Do Your Part to Fight Opioid Addiction


Think about your own actions and make the changes needed.  That was the message members of PFRW heard at the 93rd PFRW Convention on Saturday.  Special Agent Janene Holter challenged attendees to change their behavior to prevent addiction in their families, create safe homes and avoid personal opioid issues.

Some highlights:

  • Take all your meds out of your medicine cabinet or any other place where family and friends access during visits.
  • Lock up your drugs, opioids or not.  Pill or “pharming” parties are popular and users are taking anything they can find.
  • Break the habit of sharing your medical concerns and medications information with others.  Addicts listen and identify possible sources to burglarize.
  • 80,000 Pennsylvania grandparents are raising their grandchildren due to the opioid epidemic.
  • Pennsylvania is #2 in the country in heroin overdose deaths.

Click the graphic above for more information.

NFRW Supports Kavanaugh Confirmation

Read the full resolution.

Suicide Prevention Meeting

Click here for a printable invitation to share.

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