PFRW June Board Meeting Rescheduled

PFRW President Meryl Hatton announced the June meeting originally scheduled for June 7th will be held June 21st as Republican State Committee gathers for the PAGOP Summer meeting at the Hershey Lodge.  All Republican women are invited to attend.


2014 PFRW Convention

The 91st PFRW Convention will be held August 14 – 17, 2014 at the beautiful Sheraton Station Square Hotel in Pittsburgh.  The 2014 Convention Theme is “Our Children, Our Future.”  PFRW 2014 Convention Documents including registration forms and hotel reservations are now available.  Join us, won’t you?


February Meeting: Parental Rights in America

SUNACRW will meet on Thursday evening, February 6th at 6:30 pm.

Our meeting topic is Parental Rights in the US.  Do you know the U.S. Constitution does not state parents’ explicit right to make decisions for their children?  What has been assumed as God-given rights for generations is being eroded by increasing intervention of the state, courts and medical community often with little recourse.

We will watch a short documentary, Overruled, and have discussion with Jodi Ferris, whose family was harmed by an overzealous hospital.  Mrs. Ferris currently serves as the Pennsylvania State Director of Convention of the States.
Email us for more information, including exact location.

Meeting With Our Representative


State Representative Lynda Schlegel – Culver spent the evening encouraging SUNACRW to interact with  their representatives.  She explained the best ways to contact her and how her constituents may best follow her votes.  We also learned about her day-to-day routine in Harrisburg.

March Meeting

We were please to have Pat Nace, Director of Snyder County Elections explain the different types of ballots, how they are secured and processed.

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