Young Republican Woman Wins Nomination for WV House Seat

2014 WV -Saira Blair defeats incumbent

SUNACRW Member Becomes Notary Public

SUNACRW has felt the need for one of our members to become a notary, especially to assist women in preparing their nominating petitions for local office.  We extend our congratulations to Irene Harris upon her completion of training and recent commission as a Notary Public in Pennsylvania.



Lt. Governor Jim Cawley to Speak in Lewisburg

Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley will speak at Susquehanna Valley Conservatives monthly meeting at the Best Western Country Cupboard on Monday April 14.  The meeting begins at 7 pm in the Baylor Conference Room.

Unregulated Abortion is the Beginning and End-All

An interesting development in PA politics is happening in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Even though it is happening on the other side of the aisle it bears notice for Republican women.

You may remember State Representative Margo Davidson’s statement on the House floor referring to death of her cousin, a victim of Kermit Gosnell and his horrific Philadelphia clinic.  Rep. Davidson joined others in supporting measures to regulate abortion clinics under the same standards as other free-standing medical clinics requiring what most of us expect when we access medical care:  sterile instruments, clean rooms, and properly trained personnel.

It turns out Rep. Davidson committed a crime, at least in the eyes of Planned Parenthood and similar pro-abortion organizations.  And they intend to make her pay by removing her from office.  Rep. Davidson still supports abortion rights, but that no longer matters to the degree it did when Pennsylvania affiliates of Planned Parenthood endorsed her in 2010.  This year her primary opposition enjoys the support and endorsements of the pro-abortion crowd.

Now we don’t agree with Margo Davidson on very many policy issues, but we can recognize when PP, NOW and other advocates of unrestricted abortion out themselves in spite of all their well-framed lines about caring for women.  Their definition of caring for women is looking the other way when women are victimized and punishing those who won’t.

Signatures Needed

Candidates seeking office this year are now circulating nominating petitions.  Depending upon the position they seek 10-2000 signatures of registered voters are needed to secure a ballot position.

Nominating petitions may be circulated by supporters on behalf of their favorite candidate.  Then petitions are collected by the candidate and/or her campaign to be filed with the appropriate election board.  Petitions will circulate for the next three weeks until the deadline of March 11, but most candidates will begin collecting and filing around March 4.

Elected positions open this year:


Lt. Governor

U.S. Congress

PA House

State Party Committee

County Party Committee

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